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Known as the reboot of the 1993 classic Doom, the new Doom takes us back to the original formula of fast-paced demon blasting action. Despite a dark and gory game with a few jump scares, Doom never made the cut for an actual horror game. That's why when iD Software released Doom 3, the seriousness and moodiness of it all felt far removed from what made the first two Doom games popular.

In the 2016 version of Doom, we see a refreshing return to the original style, except we have updates to all the original principles. You step into the boots of a musclebound marine who fights on the front lines against the coming hordes of the hungry demons from hell. The enemies will harry you relentlessly, and the environments allow for masterful maneuvering. You can, for example, double-jump as needed and even fall great distances while still surviving.

Back by popular demand, the super shotgun makes a bloody reappearance, as does the gory chainsaw. Before you kill a demon, they fall into a "finish" state where you approach them to perform a sick finishing move. In other games, that might sound tasteless, but it fits right in with the popular Doom series. You exterminate demons and taste is not something that a lot of gamers come for in Doom games.

iD Software released the PC version of Doom in 2016, and gamers were gushing with praise of the continuing of this classic franchise. They loved how the game returned to the old mechanics that first made it popular. Unfortunately, not everything can be positive. Doom game designers should have thought more about the AI, but the diehard loyalty to the original image made them randomly hide monsters in different rooms. In the old 1993 game, that made sense because enemy AI had not progressed far enough where they were capable of real tactics. In the 2016 version, however, it felt out of place with the latest gaming technology. It's unwavering to the point of predictability. On the plus side, Doom never shies away from what made its fore-bearers wildly popular.

Beyond a doubt, the strongest point in Doom involves the loud and calamitous campaign. It takes place on a straightforward level and serves its purpose. The action fuels itself through random bouts of rage and the wild spirit of heavy metal. While many games exhilarate gamers, few can deliver the potency in the execution like Doom.

Over the course of Doom's 13 missions, the gunfights grow more and more furious as you battle with monstrous demons from the screaming depths of hell. You will spray bullets in every corner as the minions come gnashing at you in overwhelming numbers. Sometimes you could almost cut the tension with a knife as the ever-more-powerful demons blast through the gates of hell to stomp you out of existence.


  • Loyal to the original Doom games
  • Astounding graphics
  • Perform bloody finishing moves
  • Slaughter and dominate demons in 13 missions


  • Demon placement in rooms does not update with the latest generation games

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